Blanchard ltd. has managed to benefit from its long lasting experience to produce top quality and special threads. Our unique knowledge in making metallic threads explains our key role in manufacturing certain technical threads. We do not sell catalog items but create or adapt yarns to your specific needs.

Our strengths


Several decades of experience.

A highly motivated and technically skilled team, perfectly aware of the various fields of the textile industry.

Changeable equipment including old custom made machines as well as the most recent technologies. This enables us to be creative, adaptable and reactive.

A will to be close to you in order to create a partnership, share your goals and meet your needs.

Our activity


Bullion and spun fringes.

Gimping, twisting threads using textile raw materials (viscose, polyester, polyamide, cotton...), technical raw materials (Pes, Pa HT, para and meta-aramide, glass...), metallic raw materials (inox, nickel, monel, copper, silver...) et metallized polyester.

Cabling and twisting technical threads using complex assemblings.

Knitting threads or tubulars with two to twenty needles of different diameters.